3D Laser Scanning Service for Heritage

What we can offer

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning is one from the most accurate and non-invasion technics, which we can use anywhere.

Topographical Survey

Using 3D Laser Scanner and Total Station we can produce Topographical drawings

Revit Modeling

We are able to tracing point cloud and do amazing 3D models in the Revit enviroment for BIM purposes

Matterport Virtual Tours

That is innovating 3D survey which can improve the quality of Virtual tours

2D and 3D CAD

Based on the 3D point cloud suvery or trditional survey we can produce 2D CAD drawings or 3D mass model in AutoCAD.

Measured Building Survey

Using 3D Laser scanner and total station we can produce 2D documentation of buildings such as 2D Floor plans, elevations, sections etc

Matterport Virtual Tours:

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Meet the team :

Gabriela Gerlich Output Precision (A Manchester based 3D Laser Scanning Service)

Gabriela Gerlich - Project Manager

E-mail: Gabriela.gerlich@outputprecision.com

Tomasz Gerlich Output Precision

Tomasz Gerlich - Owner and Founder

E-mail: tomaszgerlich@outputprecision.com and Phone: +44 (0)7756613300 or +48 (0) 512302668

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