OutPut Precision Ltd

Output Precision Ltd. can produce various deliverables from 3D Laser Scanning such as:

–              2D Elevations

–              2D Floor Plans

–              2D Sections

–              3D Revit Models – as built

–              3D Point Cloud

–              3D Virtual Tours – Matterport


3D Laser scanning applications:

  • Architecture
    • 3D laser scanning is the quickest and the most accurate technique to capture data for architecture. When you need either 3D CAD models or 2D CAD drawings for refurbishment, planning permission or space planning  3D laser scanning survey allows us to produce highly accurate  deliverables for your needs.

2)            Surveying

Surveys with 3D laser scanning applications:

–              Measured building surveys

–              Topographical surveys

–              Right of Light surveys

–              Volumetric Surveys

–              As built Surveys

Terrestrial laser scanning is one of the latest survey technique, which is still rapidly developing. 3D laser scanners become faster, more accurate and slowly replacing traditional survey instruments in many tasks in order to deliver appropriate outputs for clients

3)            Construction

4)            Engineering

5)            Cultural Heritage

6)            BIM

7)            Archaeology